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Valentine Figs with Chipotle Peppers?

In an interesting article from BeliefNet called St. Valentine's Day Dinner Menu: Eat, Have Sex, Lose Weight!!! they talk about a "Perfectly Porky Chops with Fig Sauce" as one of their "sexy" dishes and it just happens to have chipotle peppers in it:
FIG: Greeks ate in a frenzied copulation ritual.
The chipotle pepper blends beautifully with the figs - spicy sweetness YUM - to give it a bit of a kick!
Its classic pork chops with some chipotle powder in the seasoning. First you sear off the pork chops then a sauce is made from the frond with some onions, red wine and figs.

Who know chipotle peppers could be sexy!

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Valentine Figs with Chipotle Peppers?

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