Chile Peppers Recipes
Chipotle Peppers Everything About Chipotle Peppers, Chipotle Hot Sauce and Chipotle Salsa

Chipotle Dressing Recipes

Chipotle peppers are a great way to add some heat to dressings for salads or meat. Chipotle dressing can range from very fiery, especially for vinaigrettes, to creamy and mild for ranch and yogurt based recipes.

Here are some of our favorite chipotle dressing recipes, most all of which are very easy to make and come together very quickly.

Chipotle Dressing Recipes

Chipotle salad dressing

Bacon-Chipotle Ranch Dressing

This bacon-chipotle ranch dressing is great on a salad, especially if there is chicken or steak in the salad. This dressing can also be used as a great chipotle dipping sauce for vegetables, chicken wings, chicken fingers, or jalapeno poppers.
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